The Rogers Group broke from the traditional operating structure for providing advisory services to Federal agencies and reorganized itself to match clients’ needs and requirements. We found clients wanting their professional services firm to understand their business and help them achieve their unique financial management initiatives. Our structure has allowed our professionals to become trusted, well-rounded advisors, many of whom remain committed to the clients they support over their entire career.

Our restructuring has led to our audit and advisory professionals becoming heavy stakeholders in the Federal agencies they support by virtue of the work they do and the relationships they build. We have proven methodologies that have been tailored to respond to the unique requirements of our clients, while considering overarching Federal financial management and accounting laws and regulations.

We understand the pressures of accomplishing more with fewer resources, streamlining services, and reducing costs while improving productivity. The Rogers Group delivers effective approaches and provides certified and experienced professionals with years of financial management, program management, and accounting support expertise to assist clients with:

  • Regulatory and Compliance Reviews
  • Strategic Planning and Policy Support
  • Financial Systems Implementation Support
  • Quality Assurance/Independent Verification and Validation

The Rogers Group is committed to applying our Federal financial expertise to support and address the unique requirements of each client. Our personnel bring the knowledge, experience, and education related to Federal accounting, Information Technology, and Government auditing and accounting to meet the specific requirements and objectives of the clients we support. We have the technical knowledge, resources, and experience Federal agencies require to achieve organizational requirements and management goals.