The Rogers Group is an accounting, advisory, and financial management services firm. We specialize in providing Federal agencies with solutions for meeting financial management and program management objectives. Our teams are backed by former management executives, auditors, and management consultants with proven track records of achieving sustainable solutions to complex accounting and financial management demands.

We are committed to providing sound financial management and accounting support services that enable improved responsiveness to evolving requirements and increased flexibility to adapt to changing environments. The Rogers Group has a commitment to providing services that facilitate improved decision making through the availability of reliable financial information. Our core competencies include:

Financial Management

The Rogers Group has unmatched technical expertise in the Federal financial management community. Our team consists of professionals with financial, accounting, and operations experience. We have unequalled Federal accounting and auditing experience to meet the needs of our clients and support the challenges they face.

Accounting Support

As an experienced audit and advisory services firm, The Rogers Group understands the rigors of preparing for a financial statement audit. Our personnel have the knowledge, experience, and understanding of Federal accounting requirements and supporting Federal agencies with accounting operations and CFO support.

Program Management

Traditional approaches to Program Management support services and project management are not delivering the results and demands Federal agencies require. The Rogers Group is committed to providing program management support to Federal agencies that promote transparency and contribute to overarching financial management goals and objectives.

Advisory Services

The Rogers Group provides advisory services aligned at improving financial operations and information. We are committed to supporting Federal agencies with improving the effectiveness and reliability of their financial and accounting operations and increasing confidence in financial systems and data.